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We’re focused on providing a privacy service and that means security is at the heart of everything we do.

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We don’t limit the connection speed, so you have a unique opportunity to use all the resources of the encrypted channel.

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It takes only 5 minutes to install TorrentPrivacy client on your PC. The most popular torrent clients are accepted. With BitTorrent Proxy you are completely safe and anonymous online.

24x7 support

We perform constant 24x7 customer support via support form as well as via Twitter or Facebook.

Views of our customers

I was suprised when i tried torent privacy, I used to use utorrent and i thought it was fast, Let me tell you torrent privacy so much faster, and easier to use. Not to mention safe of all the products out right not torrent privacy is hands down the best.


I am not very good with computer software / program. However I found Torrent is very user friendly. It is very intuitive that I could manouver easily and make a good use of it. Please keep up the good work and continuosly improve your functionalities as you have always done.


fantastic. I feel very secure when I need to be secure. Sometimes but only sometimes my downloads go very slow. but most of the time download speeds are the same as without TP. I would and do recommend to my friends.


I have been very happy with TP. For one, it is a much-needed service. With the horrendous amount of spying by the US government and other intelligence agencies around the world, personal privacy is becoming more of an issue. I've had to reinstall my OS a number of times since having TP, and have sometimes run into issues. The TP Support Team has been awesome. The support is one of the reasons I stay with TP. Thank you for offering and maintaining a great service.


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